In addition to License to Carry Classes, we also teach a DEFENSIVE FIREARMS training course. You do not have to have a License to take this course. All shooters are welcome at any skill level.

We will focus on defensive shooting skills such as

  • drawing from concealment
  • shoot and move
  • defensive tactics
  • cover and concealment
  • home invasions
  • weapons and concealment techniques
  • target aquistition
  • low light and night shooting

You should bring the following

You should bring the following

  • Your carry handgun (if you have one) and any larger frame handgun you want some training with.
  • Plenty of ammunition. We will shoot 200-300 rounds.
  • Extra mags, holsters, etc.
  • Dress accordingly for the weather. We will spend part of the day outside.
  • Feel free to bring any drinks or snacks.
  • Bring your payment. We accept cash and checks.

Check the Class Schedule for your region for the next availabe Defensive Hangun Class and for registration.